What Are Different Towing Accessories?

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Here are the most commonly used towing accessories listed for you.The most popular towing accessory of Smithies Outback Gear is a hitch. A hitch connects the vehicle/towbar from its chassis. There are three types of hitches.


Receiver hitch has a square opening which takes in a ball mount. The size of opening ranges between 1-1/4″ to 2″. Receiver hitches are commonly available in five classes with specific ratings respectively. The choice of hitch depends on the size of the vehicle and the gross trailer weight capacity. The hitch ball is attached by a ball mount and a pin holds it in the receiver.

Fifth wheel and Gooseneck hitches

These are considered to be more convenient as their models are customized to various weight capacities and could be easily removed. These two variants of hitch are not only easy in use but also improve trailer’s maneuverability and enhanced gross trailer weight towing capacity. Sway Control is a useful tool as it lessens trailer’s lateral movements which are due to increased wind speed. It fits in the weight distribution system aiding the trailer track in a straight line in spite of weather being windy. It has a lever attached which is released or restoring the turning ability at slower speeds. One can check the bars for sale Melbourne for the spare parts.

Brake controllers reduce wear on the tow vehicles. It also improvises safety and handling. It is compulsory in Illinois for most of the trailers which have a gross vehicle weight rating exceeding 3000 lbs. Other is a coupler which is a mounted point connecting the trailer to the vehicle carrying a hitch ball. The required size of Such a trailer requires a pintle hook for the vehicle to be towed. Pintle hooks are produced in several configurations and ratings. Towing accessories Pakenham offers the best machines used for towing. Visit this link http://www.smithiesoutback.com.au/towing-accessories for more info on towing accessories Pakenham.

Some other important tools named with their functionality

To install and connect the vehicle with the trailer: loading ramps and other tools.To secure the trailer and its parts: chains, straps, bungee cords.To operate the trailer safely: brakes, mirrors and anti-sway devices.To be warned about mishaps like road obstacles, road obstacles: cameras, alarms.To maximize the functionality of hitch: hitch hole covers, replacement contents.

For welding purposes in your vehicle/shop: fabrication components.Some tipsFor towing mirrors, make sure they are customized to dimensions of your vehicle. Towing mirror is very crucial as it not only enhances visibility but also facilitates the drive for stress-free lane changing.